Wednesday, May 28, 2014

I Don't Need to Shower

I'm pretty sure I smell today.

I worked out last night and went to bed without showering because in summer it's pointless to shower before bed because I sweat all night anyways (because it's hot, not because I'm an unusually sweaty person. I just want to clarify that point).

Well, I wake up this morning and go to start my normal routine, only to find my Roommate, Kat, in the shower. Wait...that came out wrong. I didn't walk in on her in the shower, the door was just shut and I heard the shower running...I made assumptions. Gosh, that would have made for a real embarrassing story if I had actually walked in on her. (picturing that scenario in my head...)

Anyways, I thought "Oh okay, I guess I'll just wait."


I was really starting to get nervous because I needed a shower and even if I didn't shower all of my stuff to get ready was in there.

So, I waited some more. Constantly watching the clock tick down the minutes slowly inching it's way closer and closer to seven o'clock.

I waited until 10 minutes before I had to leave for work and she was still in the shower.

Finally, I grabbed my clothes and went downstairs to the small bathroom. I tried to wash up in the sink with the hand soap, I threw my hair up in a ponytail, and I used Mona's deodorant that was sitting out on the counter. I had some body spray in my room that I coated myself in and prayed my hair didn't look too greasy as I ran out the door.

I still feel gross.


  1. Hey I haven't showered yet today either. And I ran in 80 degree heat too.

  2. I didn't shower this morning either and I'm feeling nasty. I used a dry shampoo, but my hair still looks gross. Oh well!

  3. Okay, so maybe I'm not as bad as you. Thanks for making me feel better ;)

  4. I'm a shower ever day kinda person. I normally don't even bother with dry shampoo. I woke up 15 minutes earlier today, just to make sure I got in the shower this morning.

  5. Oh you're probably not at all as bad as me. Because I actually didn't shower until this afternoon. After I already went out in public with my one day old running sweat + bed head.

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