Thursday, May 8, 2014

Living Next To A Murderer

So, this guy, Clayton, lives about four minutes away from my apartment.

Clayton Courtney, 28, was covered in mud and blood when he was arrested Sunday evening. He tried  to run after nearly stabbing his roomate to death but was captured by cops.
News paper picture of Clayton in the hospital after stabbing
with mud all over his face
Clayton was taken to the hospital earlier this week for getting in a knife fight with his roommate. Upon police investigation, it turns out Clayton confessed (in more of a threatening than guilty way) to murdering three people to his roommate before nearly stabbing him to death and also threatening the roommate's girlfriend.

Clayton is in jail now and even though he is not talking to the police they are taking the confession to his roommate very seriously.

A few days ago they found the body of his pregnant girlfriend underneath a bridge.

Yesterday another body washed up from the river.

And there is another woman in town reported missing. 

It's super cool that he lived so close to me when he decided to go on his murdering rampage. Super cool.

And the even cooler part is Karen, my friend, tells me I've talked to the guy before, several times in fact. I have no recollection of his face, but she insists it's true. I've always said if the police asked me to describe someone to a sketch artist I wouldn't even know where to start, now apparently I couldn't even pick someone out of a photo book or probably a line up. Don't every trust me as a witness.

The cops have been scouring my neighborhood like crazy. Knocking on doors and patrolling the streets and searching for bodies near the river.

I'm glad to know he's locked up in jail and that I'm no longer living next to a murderer. 

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