Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Pink Slip

Dee (blacklisted Dee) had her 90 day review yesterday. Let's just say she won't be with us any longer.

No, I didn't kill her. I just played a part in getting her fired.

It should be a warning to you all, it's may be hard to get on my bad side, but if you do...

I have these weird feelings of Power and Guilt all mixed up in my head

Power, because I got someone fired from their job. Quite little me, who never cries, complains, or tattles to the boss. Who can work with anyone and puts up with anything. Who takes abuse. See what happens when you push me too far? See what I can do? (okay, so this power trip is a little bit in my head, I really went to my boss meekly and just told her the problems I was having and that I didn't know what to do. My part was only small, but let me have my power struggle).

And Guilt, because I played a part it getting a woman fired from her job. She will be without money. She talked to me about how much having a solid income meant to her. She walked to work everyday because she couldn't afford a car and she was happy she didn't have to worry about money anymore. She talked about music with me and complimented me on the songs I've written and how good of a trainer I was
How am I not suppose to feel guilty for being in constant communication with my boss about what she did wrong?

With the two deeply intertwined I am constantly at war within myself.

Okay, now that I'm done being overly dramatic, I am sorry that it didn't work out for her sake, but I'm also relieved that I no longer have to work with her.

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