Monday, April 14, 2014

Let's Talk About Something Else

It's April, almost Easter, and it's still snowing!!! I woke up to snow this morning! I just wanted to go back into bed and curl up and hibernate until this endless winter is gone.

Let's talk about something, anything else.

Sometimes patients come up and say very weird things to me.

The weirdest thing is he never told me what "IT" was that happened. I image that he was using the outhouse when I band of robbers came looking for his pocket change. They were trying to seal his pants through the slit at the bottom of the door while the man was yelling and putting up a fight when an animal came charging out of the woods. At the site of the animal coming straight towards them at full speed the robbers ran off screaming. The poor man in the outhouse was left to imagine the worst as he was stuck with his pants down and caught under the door. As the animal started wrenching at his pants, the man nearly jumped out of his skin. He slammed back against the wall behind him knocking the outhouse over and breaking his arm and several ribs in the process. The boards of the outhouse were old and rotting and were unable to support the man's full body weight. He crashed through the wall and landed in the overflowing contents of the latrine. When the man finally regained his bearings enough to pull himself carefully out of the hole he was in, he popped his head slowly about the rim and looked around for the animal that had nearly mauled him to death. It took him a moment to locate an old dog chewing on the beef jerky that had been in his back pocket. The dog sat with his head slightly tilted to the side starring and wondering about the curious man in the box. 

But that's just my imagination getting away from me. 

This was also a weird thing: 
Mona found this "Girl's Hair Drippings" at an antique store. If that's not creepy I don't know what is. Who sell's a random girls hair drippings? If it was Justin Bieber's hair drippings I could see buying that, but this is just creepy beyond all means. 

I liked this picture better...

I want bookshelves like this. I think I almost have enough books to fill them. Mona said we can have them at our coffee shop. The thought makes me happy.  

And yes, I am showing you pictures of what Mona did this weekend, because I spent the whole weekend doing all of our laundry and organizing the laundry room. And I don't think you want to see pictures of my laundry. That's just boring and depressing. We've lived in this apartment for almost two years and I don't think we have had all of our laundry done since then (okay so maybe we brought some dirty laundry with us as well). We are both the type of people who do the absolute least amount of laundry possible to get by. It leaves a lot of buildup of clothes that don't get washed. I also found out this weekend that, between the two of us, we have way too many clothes. Let's just say I never want to do wash again. 

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