Friday, April 18, 2014

14 Things To Do At Work When You're Bored And Don't Feel Like Working

Erica Jacquline
Over at Erica Jacquline's Blog she is making lists on Fridays...and I thought I would like to make lists...on Fridays! Lists sound like fun! Then I remembered I don't like lists. I write lists and then throw in a pile only to be found by a search comity years later, with most of the tasks still left undone. They also remind me of work, and I don't like thinking about work on Fridays.

So, to join in the fun without thinking about work and my dislike of lists...I decided to make an anti-work list!

Here are...
when you're bored and don't feel like working!

1. Drink Coffee.

2. Pretend to be doing your work when you are really just staring at the work to be done and to look like you are working. See if anyone notices.

3. Convince a coworker to kick out her loser boyfriend.

4. Have your sister bring you coffee. It's a lovely treat.

5. Sigh as loud as you can because you are tired and bored.

6. Doodle an obscure image and let your coworkers guess what it is.

7. Eat a brownie.

8. Take a nap with your eyes open.

9. Scroll endlessly through all of your social media sites on a loop, looking at the same things over and over again.

10. Drink lots of water so you can get up every five minutes to go to the bathroom. This also counts as your exercise for the day.

11. Shop book store websites and wish to buy all the books, but restrain yourself enough to only buy 10.

12. Spin around in your chair until you get dizzy. Sometimes once is enough.

13. Help coworker write apology letters to your boss for all of the bad things she has done.

14. Cut out creepy pictures of scary Easter Bunnies to tape to your coworkers car windows because she is terrified of them.

I am neither confirming or denying that I did one or all of these things today.


  1. Taking a nap with your eyes open is the best. I wish I could get away with not doing much but my first graders sure do keep me busy.

  2. Oh yeah...first graders would make that hard.

  3. haha! #5 I sigh all the time and my coworkers make fun of me! and if I drink too much water I have to use the bathroom that we share with men. boooo. Thanks for linking up!

  4. Thanks for creating the link up and letting me link up! And I'm sorry about your bathroom situation.

  5. I love the convince coworker to kick her boyfriend out. Definitely need to get any loser you have in your life out. Take it from someone who knows from experience. Dating a loser gets you no where. YOU CAN'T HELP THEM. And you definitely can't save them.

  6. I'm sorry for your loser boyfriend, but you're right you can't save them. It's something they've got to want and do for themselves.

  7. I dont have a loser boyfriend. I'm happy to admit that any day. My man's a hard ass worker. but i've dated a few in the past. One of which hung himself the other day. every action has a consequence

  8. HAHA. I love all of these things! The creepy Easter Bunnies thing. Can't. That is perfectly malicious.

  9. Bahahah... I have definitely done several of these... and I want to do the last one now! haha

  10. Glad you got yourself a good man! Keep him!

    I'm sorry for the guy who took his life. You couldn't have saved him but his actions can still effect your life. :(

  11. She liked creepy easter bunnies..well at first she text me that I was the worst, but then she came around and said she laughed so loud people were looking at her funny in the parking lot.

  12. The taking a nap with your eyes open made me laugh because I've seen it happen, haha. And I definitely drink a lot of coffee already.

  13. I think it would be really creepy seeing it from the other end. Coffee is my life...