Friday, April 11, 2014

How to Break an Egg

How fast can you crack an egg? 

Apparently, on Sunday, Mona got into it with some of our friends claiming that she could crack an egg the fastest. She did go to one semester of culinary school and worked in a hospital kitchen. Cracking eggs was her specialty.

Neil, who is almost done with culinary school and has worked in several different restaurants and catering places begged to differ. Claiming that he, in fact, was the fastest egg cracker in town. 

Among them were a few amateurs who threw their hats in the ring as well, claiming they could take a crack at their claims.

Several different techniques were discussed. The one handed, two handed, double eggs, crack on the bowl, or crack on a flat surface and such. The argument was heated. Words were said. Names were called. Friendships near lost. (note: I was not present at said argument, this is all hearsay and exaggeration). 

Yesterday it was time for them to put their skills to the test. 

We were all over at my parent's house when Mona came walking in with three cartons of eggs. She wanted to get more, but the gas station she stopped at had a sign restricting the number of egg cartons bought per customer. Apparently they don't like when you come in and try to buy six dozen eggs. 

The Speed Egg Cracking Contest was on!!

Mom got us some bowls and we divided the eggs up. There were enough for seven eggs apiece. 

The rules were simple: Crack the eggs as fast as you can without getting shells. First one done wins. 

Mona, Neil, Neil's twin brother, Ben, John, and I lined up around the table. Standing with our hands behind our backs we waited for Mom to count us down. 


We were off! The sound of cracking eggs filled the air. The clicking of hard shells on bowls sounded like music to our ears. 

I didn't have time to pay much attention to everyone else as I was solely focused on breaking my eggs as fast as I could. I used the one egg, two hand approach. I would grab the fresh egg with my right hand, hit it hard on the bowl once and pull the shell apart with both of my hands. My left hand would discard the broken shell as my right hand reached for another egg. 

Guys...I don't cook a lot. I never claimed to be the fastest egg cracker around, but when I threw up my hands and yelled "DONE!" I looked around and saw everyone still cracking away! I had won! I beat them and the eggs!

Never have I been more proud of myself. What an life accomplishment. My new claim to fame. 
Egg Cracker Extraordinaire! 

John came in a close second, then Ben, and the two "cooks" of the group, who had bragged the most, Neil and Mona, came in last. Mona was dead last (Unless you count the one little egg shell that disqualified John).

What's your best egg cracking technique? And do you think you could win a speed egg cracking contest? 

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