Friday, August 23, 2013


Welcome to Friday! I love Friday's that start with a piece of White Chocolate Raspberry Coffee Cake and a cup of Colectivo Coffee (Colecivo is the new Altera. My coffee shop is just behind the times with their cups). Coffee just makes my day a little brighter (I am a crazy coffee addict, so I would go through major withdrawal symptoms if I didn't get my coffee and you do not want to be around me during withdrawal symptoms) Mona and I call coffee our HappyCappi because it makes us instantly happy.

Anyways, while I was waiting for my HappyCappi today, I was chatting it up with the Batista and apparently she is going to school to be a Forensic Investigator (And yes I envisaged her on CSI right away).
I just think this is brilliant!  I  thought about becoming a Forensic Scientist for a minute, but sadly I did not end up following that path. So you could say that I had a moment of jealousy.

Instead of Forensics I am studying Business Management. I find it to have way too much math, but the end goal is going to be worth it! Mona and I want to open up our own coffee shop!

At one point we did talk about becoming Private investigators and combining the Coffee Shop and PI business together. PI Coffee has a nice ring to it...don't you think? Or Crime-Scene Coffee?

Mona and I have a problem with wanting to do everything, from opening a Coffee shop to being Rock Stars, from becoming PIs to being gypsters (I went to type gypsies, but it corrected to gypsters. I like the idea of gypsters more, so that is now what I want to be instead), but right now we are focusing on just the coffee shop. We still have a few years to work it out, so who knows what we will end up being when we grow up...maybe we will be PI, Baton twirling, gypsters who run a zoo that serves coffee!  Anything is possible right?

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