Monday, November 18, 2013

I'm Over It

  • After Friday's debacle I have calmed down some. 

    Like I said, Mona went to talk to our coffee boss, Mandy, to try and clear things up.

    According to her it was a misunderstanding and she didn't mean to come off that way. She was talking about future employees.

    Even if, it was still crappy.

    It didn't make me any less mad about the meeting. I'm still upset and Mandy has lost ALL of my respect.

    Mona told her that I was pissed and would be harder to make up with (Mona was right) and that she needed to at least message me and apologize.

    Hours later I get a picture message with her smiling with a set of keys "We got the keys to the building!"

    This was her apology?

    Mona was at work, so I messaged her right away.

  • Luna: That picture was in no way an apology

    Mona: errrr. No.

    Luna: It almost made it worse.

    Mona: errr. yaeaah. So I take it you didn't respond? lolol. 

    Luna: If I responded right now I would tell her I wouldn’t be able to help at all this weekend


  • This is what you would be like Lololol

                Then you would be like          

    •  Then I would be like          

      • Bee do bee do bee do

        Luna: This is what I want to send Mandy:

                    Mandy. I don’t think I’m going to make it downtown this weekend. I think I need time to cool off. I don’t get upset easily and I am furious over what happened in the meeting yesterday. After not talking to you in over two weeks you basically told us that we need to get our slobby, lazy, selves to work and that if we didn’t you, Juan, and your sister would have free rein to scream at us whenever you want. You have created a hostile work environment, one that I would never want to work in. But mainly the things that were said about my sister in this meeting, directly and indirectly, were horrible and inexcusable. She was so hurt and upset by the way you have treated her over the last few weeks and what was said about her yesterday that she was in TEARS!! That is not something I forgive easily. I know that Mona said it wasn't meant that way, but you made my sister cry. I’m going to need a minute before I forgive you for that.


        • you going to do it?

          Luna: I think so, but I’m going to think on it for a bit. What do you think?

          Mona: You don’t think that stuff is better to say in person?

          Luna: Not my style

          Mona: lol

  • Once I wrote out my letter to Mandy to narrow down my angry feelings, I stopped and thought about what would happen if I sent the letter...

  • I would feel vindicated and justified in the moment. I would get my word in and give her a piece of my mind. But it would also cause more drama, I hate drama. It would be harder for me to go back and face her. Things would be more awkward and there would be more hurt feelings all around. Is this a job that needs to be kept or can I just cut ties off with her? Would it be beneficial for my future career of owning my own coffee shop? Probably not. People are hard to deal with especially  in a work environment. I won't always be able to cut ties with everyone I meet who makes me mad. Plus, do I really want to sink to this level? Using my words to cut and hurt. Or do I want to try to mend things even if I never get the apology that I want. Do I want to hold onto my anger? Will sending this letter cause more harm or good? 

    • Luna:

      •  I’m over it. 
      • Mona:

        • Luna: 


  1. just cool off, some things are better left unsaid. anyway it is her lost, not yours. I think you are a very good employee Luna and there are more great opportunities out there for you. Good Luck and whatever you do, stay happy and follow your heart.

  2. Good work! I know it S-U-X sometimes having to lay down your arms to benefit the whole, especially when another type of "hole" really deserves what you are packing. In the end, though, it just serves to teach what NOT to do when you own your own business. :) Have a great week, and stay warm! :)

  3. Good job! You're definitely being the bigger person in this situation. If Mandy thinks she can run a business like that, she'll be getting her own comeuppance without you having to put yourself in an awkward position. At least when you have your own coffee shop, you'll never, ever treat people that way!