Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Taxidermy Gift Ideas

Last night, around one in the morning, as I was asking my roommates for this month's rent, I asked how they would feel about me starting a taxidermy collection.

Kat: (with a high pitched squeak to her voice) That would be great...

Candy: (running towards the door) Well, it was nice living with you guys! Bye!

Mona: Can we please!!! Oh buy this! We could hang it on the wall in the dining room right above the table!

This is why I love Mona. 

It all started because I was looking for a birthday gift for her and you all know how that's been going so far ...I get easily distracted.

Well, this is what I was asking about getting, but there are lots of great options out there, so I wanted to run it by her and my roommates first.
Here are some of our other options: 
Fortune Telling Squirrel
Alligator Claw
This one is Mona's favorite:
Puffer Fish Lamp

As we were searching through Etsy for different Taxidermy options, Candy was grossing out at everything!

Candy: Can't we get something cute instead?

Me: What animals do you consider cute?

Candy: Umm...ducks...

Me: Okay, lets me look up some ducks!

A moment later...
I don't even know

Okay, so maybe ducks aren't that cute anymore...I might have nightmares about that one. Maybe this whole taxidermy thing isn't that great of an idea...

Then this morning, after I got over the trauma that was that duck, I decided to kept looking.


Background Info: Mona and Candy both sing and play guitar and go busking.

I sent everyone this picture over Facebook:

Me: What about this one?
Busking Duck
Mona: How fitting!

Candy: This quacks me up!

Me: Is that a yes?

Candy: Duck yes it is!

Now if anyone has $50 they want to loan me...Taxidermied animals are expensive! Fifty dollars? Really? No wonder I haven't started collecting Taxidermy before, maybe I'll start a rock collection instead. It may not be as cool, but it's cheaper!


  1. I wonder if this is how the Bloggess got started...

  2. I've read her book...her father is actually a taxidermist.

  3. I'm a little afraid of taxidermied animals - I don't think I'd ever pay any amount to have them.

  4. So are you saying you would accept one as a gift? Just kidding. They are really creepy when you think about it.