Tuesday, June 10, 2014

The Video Store

Monday night is Bachelor/Bachelorette night at our house. We all get together and watch the show and eat food and drink coffee. I fight liking the show, because I dislike the premise, but all the drama draws me in. It's funny because every time we invite someone new they give us looks, like "that's what you do with your life?" But then they join us once for the company and they are hooked. We laugh and make up nick names for everyone, because it's impossible to remember everyone's names. Last season there was a women who was an opera singer and she wore a dress that showed side boob, so from there on out Side Boob was her name. Then this season there is a male opera singer and so we started calling him Side Boob, but then we ended up not liking him so we changed his name to Side Peck to make him sound more like a jerk. 

Well anyways, yesterday, it wasn't on because Hillary Clinton was giving a speech or some such nonsense. I dislike politics. We still wanted to get together, but none of us wanted to watch Hillary, so Mona suggested the movie Reality of Love...formally known at I Want To Marry Ryan Banks (a much better title if you ask me). I Want To Marry Ryan Banks was a 2004 made for TV ABC Family Original Movie of a behind the scenes look at a show similar to the Bachelor. It was re-released in 2012 under the title Reality of Love to generate more movie rentals. I hate the new name, but I like the movie. It's got Bradly Cooper in it, before he was famous. 

Anyways, I was in charge of finding the movie to watch. I couldn't find it anywhere online and it wasn't at a Redbox near me, so I told Mona I would stop after work to check Family Video. 

This is the conversation that took place at 8:00 PM when Mona got home from work:

Mona: Did you get the movie? 

Me: Umm....

Mona: That was your one job! You told me you were going to Family Video right after work!

Me: That's what I say to myself every time I try to return a movie! And that never turns out well. Why would you think I'd remember this time! 

I got in my car, ran to the bank to get cash (because that's all they take and I always have late fees), and went to Family Video.

I grabbed the movie and went up to the counter to check out dreading the amount of fines I would have. I haven't been here in awhile. 

Turns out my phone number was still attached to my parents account and they were forcing me to open a separate one. NO FINES! I'm in! 

Video Store Guy: Can I get your phone number again.

Me: Sure. (I gave him my phone number)

Guy: Do you have a second to activate the account?

Me: Sure. (Weird question, but I can wait)

Guy: (After a moment) Do you have a second to activate the account? 

Me: Umm...sure...(Didn't we just go over this? This is really weird!)  

Guy: A second phone number. 

Me: (Really?!) NO! 

I think I gave him a really dirty "are you crazy" kinda look when he clarified he was looking for a second PHONE number and not asking me to wait a second. Who really has a second phone number these days? 

Needless to say he was still able to activate the account without a second phone number. And besides the communication delay I was registered quickly. 

And because I was a new account I got the movie free!

I told myself I was going to return it this morning, so I could start out fresh and not get late fees...

...yeah that didn't happen. 


  1. Man, that story gets me every time!!! "Do you have a second?" Ha I seriously geeked out!

  2. I know I was there when I told you the story and when you read the post. You weren't laughing in your head.