Friday, June 27, 2014

Now Is Not The Time!

This post contains spoilers for Fault in Our Stars. If you have not read the book or seen the movie and do not wish to know how this story about cancer kids ends, then stop right here (also you have been living under a rock)

Last night (or a few weeks ago...see this post for explanation) Mona and I dragged Becky out of bed to THREE DAYS to read the end at work without crying. I had to stop every time because I started crying in the break room. I finally gave up when Becky caught me crying in an empty room by myself. She looked at me like I was crazy. I decided to finish it at home where I could cry in the privacy of my own home without being judged by Becky who had yet to read the book!
go see Fault in Our Stars. If you haven't heard of this movie it's based off a book about cancer kids. Stupid sad. I'm not even kidding. I sobbed my eyes out while reading the end of the book. It was super embarrassing too because I was trying for

Anyways, I decided to commit myself to more torture and go and see the movie. I had my Kleenex ready to bawl through the entire movie.

I was near tears the whole time because I knew what was going to happen in the end...*SPOILER* Gus dies!!

As was getting towards the end of the movie, they were just finishing up their fake eulogy for Gus, we were all crying, because it was sad and crying is what you are supposed to do, when all of a sudden Mona looks over to me with a panicked-stricken look in her eyes and I notice she is...

...laughing hysterically!

Her head starts to whip back and forth between me and Becky as she tries desperately to stop laughing.

Between the look of panic and the snort of barley contained laughter I feel my laughter start to rise. I completely lost it! I covered my mouth in an attempt to control myself, but it wasn't much help.

There we were, in the middle of a movie theater, watching an extremely sad movie, they just announced that one of the main characters, a kid, died of cancer and all three of us are laughing uncontrollably! Guys this is not the time! I think that made it all the worse. We just sat there laughing and laughing. Disrupting the entire theater!

I think if you didn't know we were laughing you might have thought we were sobbing violently. Like the love of our lives had actually just died of cancer instead of us just laughing inappropriately...I really don't know what is worse...

We barley pulled it together after what seemed like an eternity...I think it was sometime between before the phone rang to announce the death and sometime after the funeral, I'm not really sure what happened in between there because I was trying to get it together.

We got ourselves under control and tried our best not to be disruptive during the last few minutes as she was reading Gus's letter.

The movie reached the end, the credits rolled, and everyone left the theater. As soon as the last person walked the door we looked at each other and burst out laughing. I mean really laughing. Not trying to hold any of it back.

Apparently what started it all was Mona leaning over to Becky and whispering, "Becky, get your shit together! You're whimpering!"

I feel like a terrible person, but I still can't help laughing about it. I mean it's not everyday you leave a sad movie laughing.


  1. Oh my goodness...the same thing happened while I was watching "The Best Man Holiday" last year with a girlfriend. When one of the main character's died, for some reason, we both just started laughing. It was kind of embarrassing at the time, but we laugh a lot at it now. Good to know we're not alone. lol.

    I enjoyed this story!

  2. lol glad to know we're not alone either! There may have been some dirty looks, but it makes for a good story that you can laugh even more about!