Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Why Have You Been Gone...?

...I'm lazy.

I haven't wanted to take the time to write and edit posts. Simple as that.

It's one of my major downfalls in life.

It's really an all encompassing downfall to have.

I know you might be thinking: Stop being lazy and get up! We need you to write! Deal with your problems!

And I would have to tell you: It's more of a disease than a problem. It's really uncontrollable! I was born this way! Bullies! You just don't understand! It effects every aspect of my life!

Now to make my point I'll explain all of the aspects of my life it effects...

1. Cleaning
It is a real chore. The only time I clean is an hour before people are actually coming over.

2. Friends
I don't like to invite people over...because then I have to clean. Not inviting people over can cause them to think you are rude and then they don't want to be your friends.

3. Cooking
I don't like to cook because it's too much work...I eat out most of the time. It gets expensive, so you could also classify this under "Money Problems".

4. TV
I have a hard time shutting off auto play on Netflix. I like to leave the controller across the room or on the floor and it's too much work to pick it up, so I just keep watching the show. The only thing that gets me up is Netflix asking me "Are you still watching? It's been hours! No person should be able to sit this long! Have you ever heard of exercise?Are you dead? ". Then I get really offended at Netflix and get up to get the controller just to click yes to spite them.

5. Work
It's so early in the morning, which makes it worse. My beauty routine is null. I do as little as possible to look presentable enough to be at work and leave. I even wear the same shoes everyday just because they are by the door when I go to leave.

5. Love
Boyfriends. I avoid them because they are WAY to much work...they are so high maintenance. I'd rather take a nap.

You really should feel sorry for me! I mean I live in a mess, I never have a good meal, I'm spiteful, I never look nice and to top it all off I'm loveless!

Living with laziness is a tough life.


  1. I always thought I would do well as a lazy old retired guy, so you might not be that far

  2. I'm pretty sure I just read your half marathon post this I'm not sure if I believe you!