Monday, June 9, 2014

The Back Up Plan

Mona: Can we get a tour bus?

Me: Sure! That would be great! I was thinking the other day that if you died I would become a legitimate gypsy, so a tour bus would be a good investment.

Mona: Huh, a gypsy...? Only if you take me with.

Me: You mean like your ashes?

Mona: Yeah and you can sprinkle a little bit of me in every place you go.

Me: Okay. Our first stop would probably be Austria to visit Tammy. That way we have some place to stay and won't cost so much money.

Mona: Sounds like a good plan. I'll do the same if you die first. Just promise me one thing...

Me: Yes?

Mona: Promise me you'll find true love. I'll make it part of my will.

Me: Um, okay. That will insure I get your millions of dollars.

Mona: Can you see if I put that in and years from now, when you are already married, I tell you to find love to get my money.

Me: I'd tell my husband I have to go out and find my true love, because Mona obviously thought you weren't it.

Mona: Your poor husband.

Me: So when you die I will travel the earth spreading your ashes and looking for my true love. Sounds like a great plan!

Mona: Sorry I'm holding you back...

Me: I'd rather stay here with you.


  1. I love random conversations like that. You and Mona are lucky to have each other.

  2. I really don't know what I'd do without that girl.