Wednesday, November 13, 2013

The Clock Strikes Again

I've been sick, still am, but I decided I could make it into work today. Runny nose and all.

So, I bundled myself up with my winter coat, scarf, and mittens. This is November in Wisconsin. There is snow on the ground. I need the mittens. 

I successfully made it into work without my boogers freezing on my face or me throwing up on the side of the road. 

This is a good morning! 

I got in and all settled at my desk and I looked at my schedule. 

It was 7 o'clock and everybody was at stupid journal club this morning and were not getting in until 8:30! 

Journal club (where all the physical therapists in our health system get together and read medical journals to keep up to date on treatments) is my day to sleep in! 

I could have slept an extra hour!  

I looked at the clock in disappointment and anger. 

As my anger fueled my hatred for this inanimate object (yes, the clock has the upper hand this time) I debated if I should clock in and sit and do nothing for the next hour and a half, go take a nap in my car, or go eat breakfast. 

After a minute or two of internal debate, as I gave the clock my squinted death glare, I finally bundled up once again and trekked back out to my car. 

Seeing as it was freezing outside and too cold to nap in my car I went to the little diner across the street and got a cup of coffee and breakfast. 

I popped my headphones in and watched last night's episode of  Marvel's Agents of Shield on my phone as I sipped my coffee and downed my eggs and hash browns.  

It was actually really relaxing. I feel refreshed and rejuvenated in between my sneezing attacks. 

Normally in the morning I hurriedly get ready with my eyes closed and crash into work just before I'm late and feel rushed and behind the rest of the day. 

I should get up early and do this more often.

But that would require waking up before 5:00 AM!!

And that just doesn't sound appealing in the least bit. 

I think I'll stick with the rushed frenzy thank you very much. 


  1. Plus, all that hurrying spikes adrenaline and really gets a person ready for a busy day at work. What a good idea.

    1. much better than being relaxed and falling asleep at work!

  2. Get well soon. I get into work, 5 minutes to been late everytime. lol