Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Now I Know I'm Not Pregnant

It's been about 6-10 months since I've had my last period. I was slightly afraid of ending up on the show I Didn't Know I Was Pregnant, but unless it was some sort of immaculate conception it wasn't really that huge of a concern for me.

Other people have been concerned, so I decided to let them know the terrible news (terrible because what woman really wants her period)

Me: I know why I've been so cranky these last few days. Doris finally decided to show up! (If you don't know what Doris is, read this post
Mona: Luna! ! I have been wondering! Can she actually stay away for longer?

Me: Are you saying I've been cranky these last few days!?

Mona: I am saying... YES. Yes. yessssss. yes you have

Me: I feel like I've hardly talked to you!

because any time I try you shut me down with a hurtful comment

Me: What kinds of hurtful comments? I can't even remember talking to you at all the last two days. I want to know what I said to hurt your feelings

Mona: It was just short comments that hurt my feelings

Becky: Its a trap don't talk about it while Doris is still here Mona

Mona: That is true Becky…
...LUNA, WhAaaaaaaT? You have Doris? I would have never known! You have been so sweeeeeet!

Becky: Gooood Mona gooood

Me: You better tell me what I said right now.

Becky: Yep that's Doris alright.

Mona: I don't remember. I just remember saying to my self  "ew, don't talk to her" and I have told you...."Oh, maybe you should go to bed"

Me: Well those are very hurtful things to think and say about me.

Mona: You just playinn

Me: I am drowning in my tears

Mona obviously cares nothing for my emotional well being. On top of loss of my slight hope of being pregnant, she is also trying to avoid me. 

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