Friday, July 18, 2014

Sharing a Bathroom

My alarm clock blares at 5:50 telling me it's time to get up and start my day. I give the clock a dirty look, because I hate waking up, and roll out of bed to go take my shower.

I go out to the hallway only to find the bathroom door's occupied. I take a shower at the same time every day this is usually not a problem. So I stop and stare at it for a minute trying to figure out what I should do. I'm not fully conscious in the morning, so it takes awhile for my brain to figure things out. That's why I try to do the same things EVERY morning, so I don't have to think about getting ready, it's a reflex.

I say to myself...okay, it's okay. I have plenty of time. I'll just wait until she's done.

And by waiting I mean sleeping. I go back to bed and set my alarm for another fifteen minutes. I never really fall back asleep because I'm paranoid I'll miss my alarm and be late for work, so I just lay there with my eyes closed, until my alarm goes off again.

I go out to the hallway and...the bathroom is still occupied.

I look at the time and my heart beats a little faster. Fifteen minutes until I HAVE to be out the door. My toothbrush is in there. I can't go to work without brushing my teeth.

Should I knock on the door? I hate when people knock on the door when I'm in the bathroom, but I need at least brush my teeth. Should I knock on the door? No. It's weird. I just can't do it.

Twenty-five years and I never realized how much of a problem I had with knocking on a bathroom door when someone is in there until now!

I decided I'm going to have to forgo showering, so I get dressed and try to do something with my hair.

By the time I'm about to leave, I hear the bathroom door open. I run out and see the hallway empty and the bathroom open!

Thank goodness I can brush my teeth!!

I brush quickly, throw on some deodorant, try not to be too disgusted with state of my hair and then run to leave for work so I'm not late.


This has happened twice this week!

The first time I thought it was one time deal, so I didn't say anything, but twice in one week?!? It's stressing me out! Something needs to be done. One of these days they are going to catch me on a day I can absolutely NOT go without a shower and then I'll be in trouble.

I know I need to say something, but I don't want to come off as a biatch who has to take her shower at 5:50 or else. You know what I mean?

So, I carefully drafted this message and sent it to my roommates:

Shower Schedule
Hey guys I haven't run into this before, but I normally take my shower around 5:50 during the week (I leave for work around 6:35). I don't mind taking it at a different time, but I need to know otherwise I can't get ready in the morning. If you need to take a shower around then just let me know the night before so we can coordinate. :)

I think it communicates I NEED to take my shower at 5:50, but in a "I'm cool and laid back" kinda way and not in a "I'm demanding bitchy" way. I think the smiley face at the end really seals the deal. Right? Well, either way it fixes the problem!  

(P.S. I really am okay with switching shower times, I just have to do the same time every day or I won't be able to morning) 

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