Thursday, July 3, 2014

Stuff Got Weird

Last night my friends and I passed around a pair of reading glasses and pretended to be grandmothers telling ‘back in the day’ stories. Each of our seemingly different stories intertwined into a tangled web of craziness. Stuff got weird real quick.

We had unknown pregnancies, white on white racism, the KKK who were also moonshiners, a gender neutral Aunt Petri who may have been two different people or schizophrenic, a Russian assassin couple who pretended to be cougars to steal a dog, and sexually confused Lewis and Clark and Sacagawea…just to name a few.

Some roll play with Dungeons & Dragons, but this is how we roll. 

Also we did this for over two hours and took it way too seriously. We really committed to our roles (minus the part where we were laughing hysterically).

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