Thursday, August 8, 2013

Karissa LaRen

As I mentioned in my SHARK WEEK post, I have a sister, Mona, who is also my roommate. Mona is a singer-songwriter with a decent voice and okay skills at the guitar. I help her out quiet a lot, I'm really the glue that holds her together. I'm the person who tells her when she sucks and needs to do something differently, because everyone else is too nice to tell her the truth (Disclaimer: I only talk about her this way because if she reads this blog and I'm gushing about how awesome and wonderful and talented she really is, she will get a big head and she won't let me live it down...I have my reputation to hold up).

Anyways, Mona was playing at Mocha (a local coffee shop) last night. They have an open mic there every first and third Wednesday of the month. Mona and I go almost every time and are friends with, or have at least seen, all of the people who play there. But last night there was this new girl, Karissa LaRen. She was walking around joking with people, bantering back and forth with Mona, and what not. Little did we know that she was going to get up and sing. And when she did, she blew the socks right off. She has the voice, look, and stage presence of a star, and afterwards she was all anyone could talk about, she was literally the talk of the town. 

I even received a strange call from a couple of my friends who weren't there. They called to ask me if I thought she sounded like "an old mother soothing her child to sleep". I can't say that those were the first words that came to mind when I heard her rapping out B.O.B lyrics, or even after listening to a few more of her songs. I can't say those would ever be the words I would come up with to describe her, but to each their own. 

If you wish to judge the motherliness of her voice yourself, I posted the link to one of her music videos below (this one might sound a little more motherly than B.O.B, but I highly suggest you check out the rest of her music). Let me know if you would describe her as "an old mother soothing her child to sleep" or something similar or something completely different. 

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