Thursday, February 27, 2014

School Makes Me Dumb

One more day and I'll be free!

Let me just tell you one important thing I've learned about myself when it comes to school.

School makes me dumb.

Have you every heard the saying that someone is book smart, but not street smart? Well this is the dumb I referring to; school makes me street dumb. I can't remember everything, so I have to choose the books or everything else required for life.

When I'm trying to study for an exam I literally can't remember anything else. You could tell me something and it's gone the next minute. It's replaced by trying to keep the knowledge that this one building in this one country was built by this guy in this year using this model because of this reason and people hated it because of this reason but we love it now because of this reason. Oh yeah and let's do this for every building ever built from the beginning of time! They will start to blur together after the 100th building, but don't get them mixed up or you will fail!

If I try to remember what you said or that I have to do something else to do I will forget which building is which and I will fail my exam.

I have to keep post it notes to get through life. Lots of post it notes. You should see the number of post it notes I have at work right now. It's crazy.

You know I'm not even sure if this post make sense, because my brain is so overwhelming full. If you see any mistakes or incomplete thoughts, just roll with it. Let's just pretend I know what I'm talking about.

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  1. I'm normally a middle in the middle of the road, but trying to be full book smart is hard.