Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Abusive Relationship

You do not tolerate a man beating you up. PERIOD.

My coworker, Karen, has an on again off again relationship with this guy, Jim. Jim is a low life heroin addict who has been in and out of jail. 

Karen knows that he's no good and keeps trying to get rid of him, but she always goes back to him because, even though it's idiotic, she loves him. They have been together for over seven years. They have a son together. It's hard to let him go. 

Two weeks ago she kicked him out again. He was back on drugs, lying to her, and stealing from her and her kids. 

Over the last two years of working with her she has broken things off with him over a dozen times. I always hope and pray it will stick. 

She always takes him back. 

Late last week she let him back in the house to help take care of their son. She firmly told him that he wasn't there as her boyfriend, only as a father. 

While she was sleeping Jim got a hold of her phone and onto her Facebook account. 

Karen had been messaging an old boyfriend, since her and Jim had been broken up, and Jim found out. 

He grabbed her from her bed, nearly breaking her wrist. He picked her up and threw her across the room. He broke her phone while throwing it at her, and smashed her face against the stairs. 

And that is just what Karen chose to share with me. Who knows how bad it really was. 

This isn't the first time this has happened with Jim. 

This is the first guy to do this to her either. 

Under no circumstances should you tolerate a man beating you up! 
No exceptions. 

Even if you think you deserve it. 

It is inexcusable. 


Get out. 

Call the cops. 

Don't put up with it.

Don't let him back in. 

Don't let him hit you.

You are beautiful, funny, smart, loving, kind, and full of life.

Don't let him beat it out of you. 

You don't need a man to make you happy, especially this man. And if you want a man, you can do better. Find someone who loves you enough not to beat you up. You wouldn't take it from a stranger, why would you take it from someone who is suppose to love you? 

You deserve better. Nothing warrants getting beaten up in a relationship. 

This is important, not just for your well being, but for you LIFE. 

I know it's hard, because you love him, but please, please don't let him back in. I'm begging you.

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