Friday, August 29, 2014

Famdamly Facebook Convo: Lobsters

That's it. I've decided. My family is stupid. 

I get really excited about something super cool and I just want to share these super cool things with them because they are super cool and I get shut down. I'll be talking about it and they literally tell me to stop. That or they just stop listening. Rude right?

Here's an example from our Famdamly Facebook Convo today: 

Mom: Luna, what do you call female lobsters?

Me: A hen. Why?

Mom: You knew that?

Me: No.

Mom: You looked it up to seem smart

Me: I just looked it up to know.

Mom: Oh...

Me: Next time I'm asked I'll know

Mom: So now you know.

Me: Why did you want to know?

Mom: Just seen it and wanted to see if you knew, if not i knew you would like to know.

Me: Do you know what the male lobster is called?

Mom: No

Me: A cock

Mom: Oh no...we heard a song about that....(I did not ask about the song)

Mona: Lololol

Me: And a group of lobsters is called a pod, deck, or shield. And if you are ordering a group to eat it's called by a box

Mom: Overboard.

Me: Also based off my previous knowledge of lobsters...they used to be considered the rats of the sea and it even against the law to feed them to prisoners because it was so inhumane.

Mom: Overload.

Me: Don't you want to know how to tell the difference between a male and female?!? One has soft parts and the other has hard parts.

Mom: Get back to work!

Me: Fine I won't tell you that the largest recorded lobster was 44 lbs or that's it's illegal to use the boiling method in some places. Like Reggio Emilia, Italy.You could be fined over $600!

Did you know they're cannibals?!?! A young lobsters greatest predictor is their parents!

How are you guys not fascinated by this??!?!?

Mom: I just want to put them in a pot boil them, butter them, and eat them...that's it! 

Me: Were you not listening to a word I said! That could cost you hundreds of dollars! 

Mom: Only if i live in Italy! Hello! We are in Wisconsin

Me: I didn't say it was only in Italy.. I was just giving you an example.

Mom: It is not illegal

Me: Have you checked recently?

Mom: I will gladly go to jail, to eat a lobster by boiling.

Me: Next thing I know you'll have turn into a cannibal and you'll start eating your young.

A girl can't get anything thanks for trying to keep her mother out of jail! I don't know how you wouldn't want to know all this super cool stuff about lobsters! It's not nerdy at all.