Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Amazon Prime Day (Today!)

Mona: I will now be sending you a list of what I want you to order on amazon as special gifts for me for because it is Amazon day tomorrow!

Me: Wait? Amazon day?

Mona: It is like Cyber Monday!

Mona: But better!

Mona: It is for Prime!

Me: Oh! Really? Or are you just making this up, so I buy you stuff?

Mona: No joke

Me: Do they have the deals listed already or do we have to wait until tomorrow?

Mona: Not sure

Mona: That is all the info I know

Me: Then I think we have to wait until tomorrow to find out the sales.

Me: Remember all the good surprises I got you on black Friday!? I'm SO excited!

Mona: You need to try harder.

Me: I tried really hard last time!

Mona: No you didn't you just got yourself books!

I'm sorry I thought she would appreciate the entire Game of Thrones collection for $10! Or a replacement for my never returned Night Circus! I saw her read a book once!! Geez. 


  1. I was SO excited for Prime Day. And then I logged on this morning. Disappointed is an understatement.