Wednesday, November 5, 2014


Talking on Facebook chat about the fear of getting questioned by the surveyors who give national accreditation to Healthcare Organizations at our place of employment.

Me: They literally just walked out the doors as I was walking in from lunch.

Me: I didn't make eye contact in case they changed their minds and wanted to ask more questions.

Becky: Lucky for you. I thought I was golden going to lunch at 11 but as soon as I clocked back in a 12 they were on my floor. 

Me: Now we've got another three years before we have to try to avoid them again.

Me: I would like that job.

Mom: You would? Check into it

Me: To be able to strike fear into people's hearts with just the mere knowledge I'm in the building.

Mom: Luna, you are horrible!

Me: What?!?

Me: It's called power, mother.

Mom: Okay...

Chat Conversation End


  1. I wish I had that ability, too. I would only use it for good, I swear.

  2. Good, right. That's what I forgot to say...

  3. You know what..I used to be such a person...mouahahahaa

  4. WHAT?!? That must be why I like you...the power!

  5. Yeah, baby...and I actually learned that later. As someone described me,
    I am the person who will make you feel better and laugh even when you
    think you're having the worst day and feeling hopeless...but,
    apparently, when it came to work, I would turn into HULK during
    trainings ;-)